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The Institute was set up in 1949, and it changed its names as follows:

- 1949 – 1954 the Main Institute of Agricultural and Food Industry
- 1954 – 1988 the Institute of Fermentation Industry
- 1988 - 1995 the Institute of Biotechnology of the Agricultural and Food Industry
- since 1995 the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology (IAFB)

The Institute is subjected to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Elaboration of the scientific fundamentals of food technology and technique development is the purpose of Institute activity. This purpose is realised by carrying on the R&D works and their implementations, as well as by dissemination of the research results.

Culture Collection of Industrial Micro-organisms in IAFB has the status of International Depository Organ, entitled to receipt microbial strains being the subjects of patent applications. The Collection is a member of World Federation of Culture Collections as well as European Culture Collections’ Organisation.



prof. Wacław Dąbrowski



36 Rakowiecka St, 02-532 Warsaw, POLAND

tel. +48 22 606 36 00, fax: +48 22 849 04 26, +48 22 849 04 28


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Main directions of the scientific work activity


  • Obtainment, collection storage and improvement of microbial strains useful for biotechnological processes in the agricultural and food industry, development of their evaluation methods and methods of their functional activity protection
  • Carrying on scientific and R&D works in the scope of technology and technique as well as raw material and industrial product analysis for as follows: fermentation industries, fruit and vegetable industry, storage of cereal grains, milling industry, baking and pastry industry, food concentrate and stimulant industry, spirit industry and fodder industry
  • Dissemination of research and R&D results and their implementation in practice
  • Research and obtainment of new food products
  • Research on waste less technologies for agricultural and food industry as well as natural environment protection (water consumption, waste load and gas emission reduction)
  • Development and adaptation of analytical methods for foods in order to control new materials, technological processes and food products (food adulteration detection)
  • Research of packaging materials, packages and packaging techniques for the quality assurance and safety of food
  • Carrying on works within the scope of HACCP system implementation in factories of agricultural and food industry
  • Carrying on research services on order connected with analysis of raw materials, intermediate products, food products, food additives, stimulants and fodder according to the roles of Quality Assurance System formulated in Quality Manual and General Procedures Manual
  • Carrying on production and production services (including experimental and low tonnage production) as well trade activity in fields comprised in the Institute activity
  • Research support activity (scientific library, scientific and technical information, publication activity, standard works)
  • Activity characteristic for state services


  • Advances in Science and the Technology of the Agro-Industry


Service offer


Production on order:
• Production and complex treatment of bacterial and yeast biomass
• Freeze drying of nonpathogenic microorganisms
• Production of dried wine and distillery yeast
• Production of the following bacterial-enzymatic preparations for fodder ensile: Lactamyl, Lactacel and Lactosil
• Production of probiotic preparations, belonging to product series Probiomix and Probiosacc
• Sterilization (decontamination) of spices
• Extrusion
• Agglomeration of powdery raw materials
• Disintegration and mixing of raw materials
• Drying of products in drum drier, fluid bed drier, spray drier, roll drier, tray drier
• Production of fatless pasta


Pilot plant services for biotechnology:
• Propagation of microbial biomass (bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi) – cultures in liquid and solid state media
• Purification and concentration of liquids
• Spray drying and fluid-bed drying


Analytical services:
• Microbial purity determination of the microbial cultures
• Microbial analysis of the food grade raw materials, intermediate products and food products, auxiliary materials, herbs, spices, cosmetics and therapeutic preparations as well as complete analysis of enzymatic preparations
• Analysis of the physical-chemical quality factors of food raw materials, intermediate products, food products and additives as well as silage prepared with addition of bio-preparations
• Sensory analysis of the food raw materials, intermediate products and food products
• Ring test for determination of the wheat grain and wheat flour quality
• Storage research (evaluation of the food product stability)

Consulting, expertise, giving scientific and technical opinions


Other services

Offers of implementation and sale of technologies and products


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